The Greek island of Mykonos has long been associated with luxury beach parties and attracts wealthy tourists and celebrities from all over the world, competing only with Spain’s Ibiza. But the nightlife is not the only reason to go to Mykonos.

There are many reasons to go to Mykonos, but these five are the most important:

1) Architecture

Once in Mykonos, you will never get rid of the ideal image of a Greek resort – white-washed houses, exquisitely decorated with blue beams and shutters, shrouded in pink clouds of blooming bougainvillea. The narrow streets of Mykonos Town look like they came out of a picture. Here it’s impossible not to take a picture every 5 seconds because every nook that opens around the corner is worthy of a shot. Arrive at Mykonos Town early in the morning around 8-9 o’clock to walk through the deserted clean streets and feel that the whole town is at your disposal. It’s like your own enormous private photo studio, stunning with the variety and sophistication of the backgrounds for your photos. In the evening there is a completely different unique atmosphere, which is also worth special coming from every corner of the island. Must-visit place #1 on the entire island is the Little Venice neighborhood, which gets its name for its resemblance to the Venetian houses with facades facing the canals. Here the facades face the sea. A string of cafes and bars line the shore and offer the best places to watch the evening show called “sunset” and have a great time.


2) Food experience

This thing is impossible to ignore when you are in Greece because everything in Greece is delicious! It is true! In Mykonos, the gastronomic experience can be elevated to a degree, because the demands for taste, quality, freshness, and sophistication of serving here are at the highest level. As the islanders strive to justify the luxury status of the island and constantly improve and surprise the most demanding guests, the food on the island will not leave you indifferent. A special treat is to enjoy Greek food on the beach in one of the restaurants where the tables are set on the sand. Along with the gastronomic pleasure, you also get tactile – a romantic mood appears automatically. I personally fell in love with the restaurants Nikolas Tavern on the beach in Agia Anna and Kostantis in Ornos.

Along with the trendiest metropolises in the world, Mykonos is now home to the restaurant of the world-famous Turkish butcher Salt Bae (that guy who salts meat over his elbow). His steakhouse Nusr-Et has become a destination for all meat lovers on the island.


3) Beaches

The clear, turquoise color of the Aegean Sea in combination with the white sand of the local beaches is another magnet of Mykonos. The best beaches of the island are located on the south coast in the resort towns (from west to east):

Agios Ioannis – for a romantic vacation (only here you can watch the sunset)

Ornos – for a family holiday with boat connections with other beaches on the island

Psarrou – high-end sunbathing, dining, and shopping location. It is home to the renowned Nammos restaurant and a concentration place for luxury stores in the Nammos village.

Platis Gialos is a resort with a beautiful beach and a path that connects it to neighboring Paraga beach and the famous Paradise beach, a non-stop party venue. On your way to Paraga, you’ll meet the legendary beach club Scorpios.

Super paradise – the name says it all. The same Paradise, but with the addition of Super.

Elia is the most remote beach you can reach by water taxi. It is just as beautiful, clean, and organized. Known for its nudist part.


4) People

This aspect, seemingly insignificant, impressed me the most. I even got the term “Greek hospitality”. All the people I met, have one thing in common: by talking to them, you feel like you are the most welcome and most desired guest on the entire island. I was really impressed by the director of the Saint John Hotel where we stayed in Mykonos. He personally greets and speaks to each hotel guest, making it clear that he will help solve any issues and fix problems. People in Greece, in general, are very helpful and hospitable, but in Mykonos, it is felt in a special way.


5) Ambience

This is something that is hard to describe in words but is felt everywhere on the island, especially in Mykonos Town. This unforgettable atmosphere permeates the streets and squares in front of the churches, decorated with flags. It is the feeling of looking at the six mills against the Aegean Sea and hearing the cool music from the bar in Little Venice. It is the feeling of delight in the Cycladic style of the houses and their exterior and interior decoration – so stylish and minimalistic. It is the overall spirit of relaxation and serenity on everyone’s faces. It is a feeling that makes you want to return to Mykonos again and again.


Written by Natalia Shafeeva

Instagram agenda.travel

Website www.agendatravel.ru


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